Guide to explain Machine Learning to your GrandMa

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Two simple words

Machine Learning, aren’t new words but maybe the combination of them generates doubts and new questions about what this stands for, and some of those could be:

How to Learn

The most common task for human beings has been cooking, and the development of recipes within families even through generations is well known, and we can ask our grandmother how was her process to be the really good cook she is, and we’ll gather the correct information, she’s going to say she learned from his mother, at first only looking at her and later trying to repeat the process and improved it depending on the taste of the food, or on the comments of the rest of the family, and that story is a gold mine to achieve our goal.

What is Machine Learning?

Now we need to look right directly to the eyes of that beloved being and say:

What are the applications of Machine Learning?

This conversation seems like a lack of purpose, why people need a computer to think and act like them? What are the applications of these?

Machines are going to replace humans in all fields?

This question can appear because of the fear of lack of employment for the people and the fear of a crisis generated because of the improvement and development of new technologies.

What will be the jobs for the people in the future?

Our dear grandma could be worried about the future of her family and it’s time to calm down and tell her that everything’s all right, because there is and there will be many opportunities to have great jobs, and some of them and their responsibilities are:

Software and Chemical Engineer